Sexy Talk with Alice Dixson

Dec 14th, 2011 | Category: Articles, Latest News

Some people are wondering why Alice Dixson is not in the cast of Vic Sotto’s Metro Filmfest entry Enteng ng Ina Mo (with Ai-Ai delas Alas, co-produced by Star Cinema, M-ZET productions and AGT Films) but she’s in Bong Revilla’s starrer Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday 2 (co-produced by GMA Films and Imus Productions). After all, isn’t Alice supposed to be a permanent fixture (as Enteng’s fairy wife Faye) in the hit Sotto franchise?

Maybe there was never an offer from Vic although there was from Bong.

“I was at the birthday party of the daughter of Andeng (Bautista-Ynares, wife of Rizal Gov. Junjun Ynares and sister of Sen. Bong) middle of this year,” related Alice. “Andeng told me, ‘We’re doing a movie for the Metro Filmfest, puede ka ba?’ I asked, ‘Who’s directing?’ When I learned that it was Mac (Alejandre), I said, ‘Why not?’ You know kasi, when I was in Canada at pauwi pa lang ako last year, I told him that I wanted to do a movie when I got back. Everything fell into place. Madali lang ang pag-uusap namin. Next thing I knew there was a contract na and then we were shooting already.”

Alice shot for Panday between her tapings for the TV5 soap Glamorosa (with Lorna Tolentino) and she wrapped her scenes without any hitch.

The sad thing is that Alice might not be able to grace the Parade of Stars on Dec. 24 because she’s leaving the day before for Vancouver to spend Christmas with her husband, Ronnie Miranda. From there, they will go to the US to be with Alice’s mom who’s celebrating her 80th birthday on Jan. 5. Ronnie will return to Vancouver and Alice back to the Philippines for more work.

What is sexy to you? 

“Confidence, passion and drive. If the guy is smart, so much the better.”

When do you feel sexy? “When I am happy.”

What part of your body do you consider sexiest? 

“My eyes.”

What part of a man’s body do you consider sexiest? 

“His brains and his hands.”

Sexiest book. 

“When I was growing up, my eldest sister collected romance novels. I can’t remember the titles but I’m sure they were sexy novels.”

Sexiest movie. 


Sexiest musical instrument.

“Soprano saxophone and piano.”

Sexiest song. 

“Gwenlaise by Scott Cossu.”

Sexiest TV show.

“Private Practice.”

Sexiest food. 

“Red sauce pasta.”

Sexiest car. 

“I prefer the Sky. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk.”

Sexiest perfume. 

“Scent of a Woman.”

Sexiest time of day. 

“3 p.m.”

Sexiest part of the house. 

“Hot tub.”

Sexiest animal. 

“Black Panther.”

Sexiest billboard.

“Too many. Can’t name just one.” 

Sexiest scene you have seen in a movie. 

“Leo DiCaprio sketching Kate Winslet in Titanic.”

Alice is cast as one of the leading ladies of Bong Revilla in Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday 2, a 2011 Metro Filmfest entry co-produced by GMA Films and Imus Productions

Sexiest scene you have ever done.

“My character Paulina Marciano’s scenes in the TV5 soap Glamorosa.”

Sexiest thing you have ever done to yourself.

“Take a candlelit rose-petal bath.”

Sexiest thing you have ever done to or with somebody. 

“Take a skinny dip with him.”

Sexiest fantasy. 

“Sitting in the moonlight under the stars with the man of my dreams.”

Sexiest clothes (pajamas, briefs, etc.). 

“Bikini shorts or my man’s white cotton T-shirt.”

Sexiest concert you have ever seen. 

“Madonna’s 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour and 1985 The Virgin Tour.”

Sexiest face (of a man).  

“Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman.”

Name three men that you find sexy.

“NBC’s Brian Williams, John F. Kennedy Jr. and my husband Ron Miranda.”