For me there are 3 basic diets or ways of eating : To lose weight To maintain a healthy one To gain weight. I will talk about each related to my experiences only. TO LOSE WEIGHT. As for most losing weight is the hardest among the 3, and for perhaps less than 20% of the […]

I’m always asked how I stay fit and what my diet is like. Honestly I cringe at the word diet because when I hear it I think of restriction. Nobody likes a life with restriction am i correct? However  what you are is what you eat.  You can eat anything you like and nobody can stop you.  […]

Tell me if you are surprised at what keeps me busy these days. From 20 hour workdays and no days off to this… When I’m not working on a Teleserye or doing a full-time TV show id like to think my life is pretty normal.  What is normal for a ex-beauty queen, tv & film […]