Battle of Beauties and Cosmetic Surgeons in New Drama Series

Nov 11th, 2011 | Category: Articles, Latest News

by Edy Uy, Manila Times

Newest Kapatids Tonton Gutierrez and Lorna Tolentino

It has been a trademark of sorts for TV5 to make each “themed” press conference for their upcoming television series a unique and special event and their most recent one for Glamorosa was certainly no different.

Held at the elegant Lighthouse Room of the Meralco Building in Ortigas, Pasig City on November 5, the red carpet gathering gave members of the media a preview of what to expect in the “lifestyle and beauty-themed” drama series.

Set against the glamorous yet cutthroat world of cosmetic surgery, Glamorosa tells the story of two cosmetic surgeons competing for love and success in an industry masked by beauty and marred by intrigue and lies.

Alice Dixson and Zoren Legaspi

Grand Slam actress Lorna Tolentino, who recently signed with the Kapatid network, debuts in her first drama series for TV5 in the role of Natalia Herrera. Dr. Natalia is a wealthy and successful cosmetic surgeon with a heart hardened by betrayal and tragedy brought about by the loss of her child and the man she loves.

After the successful run of Babaeng Hampaslupa, Alice Dixson returns as Paulina Valdez, an up-and-coming cosmetic surgeon and the rival to Natalia; while Zoren Legaspi plays Karl, a street-smart hoodlum and the man that captured the hearts of the two leads.

Caught in between the two warring beauties is Giselle, a young girl in search of her true identity, a role played by TV5 princess, Ritz Azul.

But apart from the setting, location and the elegant outfits of each cast member, however, it was the “in-character” attitude of Alice Dixson that made the gathering even more interesting and remarkable.

To say that Dixson is relishing her first “kontrabida” role would be an understatement as instead of the sweet and smiling actress, it was the stern character Pauline Valdez who was seemingly answering the question.

When asked if she’s fine to be typecast in character roles, she raised an eyebrow pompously looked at the reporter straight in the eye and answered: “No.”

It clearly caught the audience by surprise resulting in an awkward silence, and an exchange of questioning shrugs and nervous giggles.

She answered the follow up question—“How bad are you as kontrabida in Glamorosa?”—with the same cold and short reply.

“Very bad.”

And with those short answers, Dixson was able to effectively convey what audiences can expect from the new show that began airing on November 7, so far.

In fact, Dixson’s “in character” attitude was so convincing it even prompted several reporters to question whether her co-stars got irked by her smug attitude throughout the entire evening.

The new dramaserye also features an exceptionally talented cast that includes Tonton Gutierrez, Lotlot de Leon, Jenny Miller, Nonie Buencamino, and the country’s most respected veteran actors, Ronaldo Valdez, Gloria Diaz and Celeste Legaspi. Also included are this generation’s promising and freshest faces: Meg Imperial, Martin Escudero and Victor Silayan.

This quality production is helmed by award-winning directors Eric Quizon, Argel Joseph and Joyce Bernal.

Glamorosa airs weeknights right after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.