Alice Dixson, More Glamorous Than Glamorosa

Dec 15th, 2011 | Category: Articles, Latest News

by Justin John Mata, TODO Entertainment

A big "Yes!," the gorgeous and talented actress Alice Dixson answered TODO! ENTERTAINMENT (Beyond stars and shows) if her smashingly sexy figure is the major preparation for her role in Glamorosa, the newest TV series of the Kapatid network.

"Dati kasi nag-e-exercise talaga ako" Alice explained why she had to undertake this preparation. "In Canada, I used to run and go cycling kaya natutunaw agad yung fats in my body kasi mahilig akong kumain. I ate every time I see food. Pero nasa Pilipinas na ako and hindi na ako makapag-takbo kasi wala akong puwedeng matatakbuhan na lugar na safe at malinis."

But she clarified that there would be no "patalbugan"between her and co-star Lorna Tolentino, "Kailangan talaga sa role ko to look good."

When Dr. Kellyn Conde Sy tapped her to be the image model of De-Butter Body Contouring Machine, the reason for her beautiful body now, she studied the offer carefully, "Hindi rin ako basta-basta na napa-oo. Siyempre pinag-aaralan ko muna bago I said yes. Then I found out that it is easy, safe, non-invasive and painless procedure.

According to Dr. Sy popularly known as Doc K, an expert beauty doctor called this amazing machine as De-Butter Body Contouring Machine based on cryotechniques that effectively freezes fat and induces lysis (destruction or dissolution) of fat cell membranes, which effectively getting rid of fat and fat cells.

In results, this is similar to liposuction. But unlike liposuction, this is done without any surgical intervention, is completely painless, less costly and does not require the down time that surgery does. The results are almost instantaneous, while slimming still continues for at least 6-8 weeks after.

Doc K’s path towards medicine started at the University of the Philippines where she was part of the very exclusive Molecular Biology and Biotechnology undergraduate program. She graduated with honors and went on to pursue her medical degree at the UP College of Medicine. She has had extensive training in areas of cosmetics and aesthetics in the Philippines as well as abroad. In the States, she furthered her training at the Rayners Institute of Aesthetic Medicine.

Her expertise in the use of the most advanced techniques and machines have brought about astounding results in slimming, anti-aging, skin radiance, hair re-growth, rejuvenation and revitalization. The aim of her practice is to simplify the approach to long lasting beautification and aesthetic correction.


An easy, non-invasive and painless procedure based on cryotherapy, the De-Butter Body Contouring Treatment is a process that entails exposure to freezing temperatures. The De-buttering treatment freezes fat cells, turning it into a butter-like form. The exposure to the freezing temperatures causes the targeted fat cells to die. They are absorbed into the body and then eliminated over a short period of time.

The procedure was first developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital and has since been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as well as many other European countries and has been met with amazing results.

Results are quick and treatment only takes an hour per area. It is painless but some individuals should expect temporary redness, bruising or numbness as its side effects. De-butter is best for discrete fat bulges like the love handles, beer bellies and saddle-bags. Say goodbye to all these problem areas with the De-Butter treatment and freeze that fat away!

You can get in touch with Dr. Sy at 6221627 or 09175809030.